Mississippi Sustainable Agriculture Network

When a man decides to grow food for his family and ends up with more than they can eat, what is he to do? Share your harvest with your neighbors and turn your garden into a farm.

Starkville, Mississippi is home to many things: the state’s largest university, a quickly growing population, and a man with a green thumb and a heart of gold named Sam McLemore who decided he wanted to grow fresh, healthy food for his family when it was otherwise hard to come by. Beginning in his own back yard recently after graduating from Mississippi State—on less than 1/8 of an acre—he quickly began to produce more than could be eaten by he and his wife Isabel, and began to give it away to family and friends. Realizing he had the potential to turn it into a business that would allow his food to feed not only his family, but others within his community with organically grown, local produce, he kept on planting and growing.